ECLAA = free legal help on civil law crises for low-income Essex County NJ residents

About Our 2018 Donors



We are grateful to two foundations with a longstanding commitment to assuring that poverty is not an impenetrable barrier to accessing the civil justice system in Essex County, and a first-time foundation supporter of ECLAA in 2018.

The Legal Services Foundation of Essex County (LSF) donated $75,000 to ECLAA in 2018, and the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey donated $37,500.  The Community Foundation of New Jersey gave ECLAA a first-time grant of $50,000 in 2018. 

IOLTA: In 2019, ECLAA is getting an IOLTA grant of $41,300, a 10% increase over 2018. IOLTA funding is still well below the $110,800 ECLAA received in 2009.  The IOLTA funding drop over the past 10 years is due to the fact that IOLTA's sole source of revenue is interest earned on lawyer trust accounts -- and interest rates have been at record-setting long-term lows for about a decade. Low interest rates have been a boon to many sectors of the economy, but they have posed challenges to legal services organizations like ECLAA.  IOLTA funds are for direct services to low-income clients.

LSF: ECLAA faces a new challenge that requires patient persistence in seeking funding from the Essex County legal community in 2019 and beyond.  LSF's board decided to cease operations early in 2019.  As part of the LSF dissolution, ECLAA received a final LSF grant of about $30,000 in 2019. ECLAA is seeking direct support in 2019 from the law firms and attorneys who had been steadfast supporters of LSF.  If your firm has been a supporter of the Legal Services Foundation of Essex County, ECLAA urges you to start making direct donations to ECLAA.

CFNJ: The Community Foundation of New Jersey's 2018 grant is to increase the number of people ECLAA is able to represent, as well as ECLAA working "collaboratively with other private and public parties to build a more sustainable approach to serving low-income Essex County residents who face eviction."     

Law firms and lawyers


We received donations from both law firms and individual attorneys.

A total of 19 law firms donated $20,750.

A total of 18  

attorneys donated $2,785.

Based largely on the efforts of their legal departments, a total of 6 corporations donated  $9,000.

Other generous donors


Our thanks to those not in the legal profession who donated to ECLAA in 2018.

A total of  49 people who are not attorneys donated $7,637.

ECLAA received $22 from the AmazonSmile program.. 

To receive a full list of ECLAA donors in 2018, please contact Bob Adler at


Each $150 covers all of the costs of providing free emergency legal assistance to a low-income client and her family when facing a civil law crisis -- most often an imminent eviction from their home.

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