About Our 2019 Donors



Corporations and Individuals

Law firms and lawyers

2019 Foundation donors:

Between them, three foundations provided ECLAA with $97,134 in 2019 support.

$41,300: IOLTA Fund of the Bar of NJ

$30,834: Legal Services Foundation of Essex County

$25,000: Community Foundation of NJ

We are grateful to two foundations with a longstanding commitment to assuring that poverty is not an impenetrable barrier to accessing the civil justice system in Essex County, and a first-time foundation supporter of ECLAA in 2018-19. 

We sadly learned that the Legal Services Foundation of Essex County -- a long-term supporter of ECLAA -- was ceasing operations in 2019. The Legal Services Foundation of Essex County (LSF) had donated $75,000 to ECLAA in 2018, but that dropped to under $31,000 in 2019 as a final distribution related to the LSF dissolution.  As such, there are no LSF funds at all starting in 2020.

Our challenge in 2020 is to seek and gain support from a broader base of  foundations, legal professionals, companies and individual donors to close a $75,000 annual funding gap caused by the 2019 LSF dissolution. That begins in 2020. 

The  IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey gave ECLAA a discretionary grant of $41.300 in 2019.   ECLAA is honored to have been awarded an IOLTA grant of $82,600 for 2020.  

The Community Foundation of New Jersey gave ECLAA a first-time grant of $75,000 of which $50,000 was donated in 2018 and $25,000 donated in 2019.  We are assessing with CFNJ how they can best continue to work with CFNJ (and the foundations it advises) to increase the number of people ECLAA is able to represent, as well as continue to improve ECLAA's  work "collaboratively with other private and public parties to build a more sustainable approach to serving low-income Essex County residents who face eviction."     


Law firms and lawyers

Corporations and Individuals

Law firms and lawyers

We received donations from both law firms and individual attorneys.

A total of 26 law firms donated $27,875, led by Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi with $3,500, Genova Burns with $2,500, and Greenbaum Rowe Smith and Davis with $2,000.

A total of 16 individual 

attorneys donated $3.426, led by the Honorable Dennis Cavanaugh of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter at $1,000.


Corporations and Individuals

Corporations and Individuals

Corporations and Individuals

Our thanks to those not in the legal profession who donated to ECLAA in 2019.

Five corporations donated a total of $7,589, led by Valley National Bank with a $5,000 donation and Johnson & Johnson and Treetop Development each donating $1,000.

A total of 33 people who are not attorneys donated $6,343, led by an anonymous donor of $2,500.

Total donations in 2019 were $142,367. 

To receive a full list of ECLAA donors in 2019 or a copy of ECLAA's most recent tax return for 2018, please contact ECLAA fundraising director Bob Adler at radler@eclaanj.org.


Each $150 covers all of the costs of providing free emergency legal assistance to a low-income client and her family when facing a civil law crisis -- most often an imminent eviction from their home.

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